Southern Africa Youth Forum

Southern Africa Youth Forum (SAYoF) is a Regional platform for Youths & Youth Organizations within the SADC region. It is founded based on the increasing demand by youth to be important players & stakeholders in regional processes to proffer solidarity at national & regional level, participation in sustainable transformation & in the agenda set by SADC Heads of State, the SADC Secretariat among other SADC organs. SAYoF is composed of youth organizations & formations working in SADC member States, taking advantage of their diversity and innovativeness to transform lives at regional and national level.

Our Target

Youth, Youth CSOs in the Region, Youth Advocates, Youth Activists, Governments, Regional Bodies, SADC, Multilateral Institutions including AfDB, World Bank and IMF, UN, Pan African institutions including the African Union, and the Economic Commission for Africa, Regional Civil Society Organizations.


Our Vision

Sustained and pragmatic participation of youth in regional processes within SADC

Our Mission Statement

The mission of SAYoF is to contribute to more sustainable and effective participation of youth in SADC Region, based on principles of youth primacy and equity.

Our Objectives

  • Advocate and lobby for the enactment of favorable youth policies in SADC to strengthen government commitments to advancing youth empowerment, participation, and democracy
  • To strengthen Regional Integration and Development Effectiveness through coordinated Regional CSOs Platform for youth to converge and jointly influence processes in SADC
  • Strengthen the role and voice of youth in Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA’s) negotiations affecting the region
  • Conduct Research on youth issues in the Region which informs on the formulation of programs and policies.
  • To Participate in Regional Elections through Observation and Monitoring


  • Regional Integration and Sustainable Development Cluster

  • Development Effectiveness Cluster

  • Governance, Peace and Security Cluster

  • Innovation for Social Change Cluster

  • Research, Capacity Building and Policy Advocacy Cluster

Guiding Principles

  • Fundamental Human Rights as specified in the SADC Protocols and Declarations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,

  • Regional and Inter-Cultural Solidarity

  • Ubuntu, Solidarity, Peace and Non-violence

  • Youth Primacy, Transparency, Impartiality, Gender Equality and Fairness.

Any person who benefits from activities carried out in the name of SAYoF is requested to respect these values. SAYoF is based on the belief that these values are universal and that their origin cannot be claimed by any particular culture or society. At the same time, it acknowledges and respects the rich cultural diversity of human societies in the Region.

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